Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Sports Report

We had a good soccer week!

Team Bob won this week! Cheryl assisted the first goal, giving a nice through ball to Jaime (the forward). Then she scored the next goal... she was called offsides, but if she was offsides, it was very close. By half time, the score was tied 2-2. Team Bob has 8 subs, and it helped in the second half as the other team got more and more tired. Team Bob WON 6-2! There are no photos of Team Bob. Cheryl said that I'm not allowed to bring my camera to the adult league games (it's too embarrassing), lol!

Chris's team tied 2-2 against Laguna Niguel. Laguna Niguel has an advantage over other cities in that they have an artificial field. That means that they have been practicing for three weeks, while the other teams have been rained out for the first two weeks of the season. Chris started today in mid-field! His first start in years! He took three shots on goal (two on frame) but none went in.

Next week:
Chris has a track meet on THURS (his birthday). He's slated to run the 800m and one mile.
Chris has a soccer game on SAT, noon at Melinda Park.
Chris has a soccer game on SUN, 11:45 at World Cup.
Cheryl has a Bob game on TUES night. She may not be if her class gets out late.


BethieJ said...

YEAH! Sounds like GREAT games for the kiddos!!! BUMMER they outgrow photos.. at the games MOM!! WAHHH!!
Have a GREAT night!! Glad we get to play at 2 places together!!! :)

Mary said...

LOL!!! Do you have a camera phone? You could take a quickie with that and no one would know the difference. Sounds like they did a great job!

Mara... said...

Wow!!! That is one busy sport schedule. And i'm totally LOLing at your daughter not letting you take photos anymore. I'm sure my day will come too!!