Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Sports Report

Chris didn't have any sports this week. Cheryl on the other hand had three games scheduled. Her first game was Tuesday night. Team Bob won 3-0. The other team was very good and was giving Team Bob a hard game even though they only fielded 9 players (that's the perils of scheduling a game on St. Patrick's Day). One of the goals scored was off of Cheryl's corner kick.

Saturday's game didn't go so well. Cheryl made herself hoarse playing with her AYSO team. She said that everyone probably thinks she's a bitch because she yells at them so much. She was very frustrated on Saturday. The team lost 0-3.

Sunday's game was canceled because of rain. But we did see Galaxy play on Sunday. Galaxy scored 2 goals in the last 15 minutes of the game to tie DC United 2-2! At least the season didn't start off with a loss. Next home game is April 4th against Colorado.

Next week's sports schedule:

THURS - track meet at Capo
SAT - soccer at 2:55PM (World Cup)
SUN - soccer at 5:00PM (El Morro)

WED - soccer at 8:30PM (Arroyo Park)
SAT - soccer at 8:10AM (Crown Valley Lower)
SUN - soccer at 12:00PM (Wagon Wheel)


Mary said...

Your photography is really getting good! I can't believe how your action shots turn out! Has Cheryl's voice recovered?

BethieJ said...

GREAT photos Joni!! Looks like a busy sports week coming up!!!