Friday, August 7, 2009

Brush Abilities - Day 5 - Friday 5

Today's PSE class was on clipping masks. I've done clipping masks before so there was nothing new to learn today. I decided to combine my class post with the Friday 5 post... well, actually I have more than 5 to share today! All with clipping masks added! hehehe... These are all photo from the Barcelona vs Galaxy game last weekend:

The game was held at the Rose Bowl. We got there 3 hours early and tail gated in the parking lot with some friends. We set up right next to the VIP tent and oggled the people getting their catered lunch. Here is Mauricio Cienfuegos in the black. He came over to say "hi" to the kids.

Here we are in the stadium with over 93,000 other people! We are hoping for a great show!

Here are both teams lined up. Messi is standing right next to Donovan, and Beckham is all the way on the right.

Here he is!!!! The GREATEST soccer player in the WORLD!... LIONEL MESSI!

Followed by the GREATEST soccer player in FRANCE!... Thierry Henry! You can see Beckham in the photo too. He's on the right.

What a FUN GAME! We (Galaxy) never expected to win, but at least we weren't creamed!... afterall, Barcelona are the European Champions. The Galaxy played great! Too bad they can't play that well all the time.

What are soccer photos without one of Becks?


Mary said...

Great photos Joni! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

BethieJ said...

What GREAT photos Joni!!! Looks like a FUN FUN day!!!
Hope your weekend was GREAT!!!

Mara... said...

Love your photos, Joni. I really want to take some of her classes. Looks like you had a great time at the game. Damn, 93, 000 people! That's alot of cheering! LOL!!