Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday - Take Two

We waited until my mom and dad got back from Kauai before having Chris's family party. We celebrated this past weekend with Papa, Grandma, my brother's family, and my Aunt Jane! It was great seeing Jane... my kids just LOVE her and think she's so FUNNY! Chris got some nice plaid shorts picked out by my SIL, Cat. Cat has a great way with picking out clothes. Cheryl and I have tried to get Chris plaid shorts before and he refused, saying that they look stupid. Cat picks them out for him, and he thinks they're COOL and wore them to school on Monday. I don't know how she does it. Cheryl always loves the clothes she picks out too. I must have taken 50 photos for the treasure hunt game, and I only have this one photo from the party. I didn't even get the traditional "kids behind the cake" photo! That is a BIG scrapbooker FAUX PAS. You like the hat? I think the hat is going to be another birthday tradition around here (along with the tiki man). Jim's really going to love that... NOT! LOL! Yeah, he'll think it's stupid, but I know he'll play along.

On to other news, Chris entered a contest at Capo to design a cover for next year's planner. Here is his entry... Does it look like a winner? He still thinks he wants go get into graphics design. Unfortunately, graphics design doesn't fulfill his fine arts requirement. So, if he takes graphics design, cross country, and pre-calculus (for some reason he really really wants to take pre-calc), he will have to take 7 classes his senior year. Most seniors (like Cheryl) take only 5 classes. Since he is taking the classes he wants to take, he's totally okay with that.

We have a busy day tomorrow... starting with the typical work/school. Then Cheryl has soccer practice with her little girls while Chris has a track meet. After all that we head to Home Depot Center for the Super Clasico against Chivas! GO GALAXY!!!


Mara... said...

I love love the birthday hat!!! I think it's a keeper, I expect to see it every year. And I think that yearbook cover is awesome, it's a winner for sure. Have fun at the Galaxy game!!

Mary said...

hahaha I'm with Jim on the hat. hahaha Chris looks like he is having a good time! Love the cover too! Great job on the lettering!

BethieJ said...

I LOVE the hat.. I say add another tradition!! :)
I love his cover.. he is so talented mom!!!