Friday, March 12, 2010

Return of the Tiki Man

Mr. Tiki Man is making another appearance. It's Chris's 17th birthday! How did my baby get so BIG? {sniff} Cheryl picked me up from work at lunch and we took pizza to the High School for Chris to share with his friends. Of course, we embarrassed him with lots of hugs and kisses (it's in the mom and sister job description)... hehehe... The teacher thought it was so sweet.
Cheryl made the cake. What do you think? Well, listening to her, this cake was quite the adventure. Even the eggs banned together to sabatoge

the entire cake making operation. Cheryl did prevail and the cake was delicious!
Chris was complaining how our current toaster eats his pop-tarts. So, we got him a new toaster for his birthday. Doesn't he look happy? Well, I'm sure that happy look is more for the Photoshop CS3 program that he's been wanting. Chris is getting to be a real photoshop wiz. He put the program on Cheryl's laptop and is teaching her how to use it too.

Chris is having a BIG week! Yesterday was the first track meet of the season; and guess who is running VARSITY?!! Chris ran his first meet in the Varisty 800m. He was in third place until about 10 yards before the finish line, then one of his team mates just got his shoulder in front of Chris's. Chris finished 0.3 seconds behind. The last time Chris ran the 800m, he finished in 2:23. He wasn't too unhappy because he finished this race with a new PR, 2:14.

Great job Chris!
You'll get him next time!

If you made it this far through the post, thanks for hanging in there! I want to leave with a scrappy share. Chris's birthday card! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Mary said...

Happy Birthday CHRIS!!! The toaster looks wonderful! I sure hope you enjoy it! Cheryl's cake looks really good too! I've tried to make them from scratch before without much success. hahaha Love the card too!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

happy birthday chris!!!! what a fun mom you are!! love all the new stuff that you've posted recently, rocking as always--love, love, love that little spring card you made!!

lucky chris with the cs3. i'm working my way through it on the photography side...and holy cow!! i'm sure he'll do great things with it!

hope things are great out in socal!!!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Love the card you made him! And I love all the other scrappy stuff you have posted lately! I can't wait to get into my stuff again (will be moving in 2 weeks so I have to be patient!)!!

Mara... said...

Happy birthday to Chris! And CONGRATS on the Varsity running!!! I love the tiki man on the cake, too!

BethieJ said...

Happy Birthday (belated!) Chris!!! YEAH for the Varsity run!! and LOVE the toaster! :)
hope all is well Joni!!!

mommyof5kidz said...

LOVE the toaster gift! I have a son who requests FOODS foor his hot cheetos, root beer, poptarts, gummi worms, etc. I can so relate to this!! LOL

COngrats on the meet, Chris!!!