Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Vacation - Day 6

Things have been going smoothly so far, but that ends today! We stayed in Geneseo, NY last night so that we could drive right into Letchworth State Park in the morning. It turned out that the Geneseo entrance was closed. Letchworth is long and thin (following the canyon, along the river). Driving around to the other end was not a short jaunt.

It was a very beautiful park. It featured three waterfalls... The UPPER Falls...

... The MIDDLE Falls...

... And the LOWER Falls...

... AND of course, the GRAND CANYON of the East!!!

Okay, so whoever named this one obviously has never been to the real Grand Canyon... It was very pretty, and we spent the morning hiking all around the river trail!

Now it's time to leave Letchworth, but where are we going? We pull out the guide book... Since we have to go South to get out of the park, we will continue South to Jamestown, New York (the birth place of Lucille Ball) and have a late lunch. There is a lot of farm land between here and there! Cheryl took this one... she loves that it says "MILK" on the roof, lol!

There was nothing in Jamestown. Even with Garmina's help, we couldn't even find anything to eat. We wanted pizza... can't leave New York without having pizza! The restaurants were closed (only open for dinner), no longer in business, or under new management. After searching for half an hour, we left Jamestown behind. We looked for pizza around the finger lakes, and again, came up empty.

Since we didn't have a Pennsylvania tour book, we decided to head back toward Ohio and find a place to stay along the shore of Lake Erie. Erie, Pennsylvania sounded like a good place. OMGosh, what a scary place that was! Cheryl and I switched places and we got out of there FAST. We continued on to Ohio. Cheryl drove while I poured through the tour book and found a town with lots of hotels and lots of restaurants. We finally stopped at Mentor, Ohio (on the shore of Lake Erie). It was a full day of driving, but what a pretty spot!

It seemed our luck was changing... BTW, have you heard about the bed bug outbreak in the East? Uh yeah, you guessed it... Cheryl and I changed rooms at 11pm.

Cheryl keeps saying how excited she is to meet Carley, and I've texted and talked to Mary to on phone! We are all set to meet TOMORROW in Cleveland... the Cleveland Botanical Gardens at noon! WhooHoo!


Mary said...

The park is BEAUTIFUL! I love all the stone walkways. The bed bug story is something that you will never forget! What an experience!

Mara... said...

What beautiful photos, Joni. All those waterfalls are just soooo pretty. And I cannot believe about the bed bugs, did it freak you out? ICK!!!

BethieJ said...

BEAUTIFUL photos Joni!!! EEK to the bed bugs.. no fun!