Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh where, oh where, has my little dog gone?

Sorry about the lousy photo. It was taken with Chris's cell phone. Still no word from the animal shelter, so these are the only photos we have. They said it could take up to 10 days to have her spayed (notice I said spayed and not neutered... girls are spayed, boys are neutered... I have it straight now!)

But, I really didn't think it would take 10 days! Actually, it's only been 4 days so far. We are just so anxious to have her home!
We are ready with the basics! A BIG bag of Puppy Chow and a box of Milk Bones are now in stock at our house! We also got some newspapers from our next door neighbors, just in case she isn't house broken yet. Jim is talking about going out to get a dog bed, chew toys, and treats! LOL! It's like setting up a nursery for a new baby!

We FOUND this little house on the side of the street! WhooHoo! It's just her size! The doghouse we have in the backyard is for a much bigger dog (around 60-70 lbs). We are definitely hoping she doesn't get that big. She'll be nice an cozy in this little house the times that she has to hang out in the backyard.

Since we didn't get a call today, that means the soonest that she'll come home is on Saturday! A whole week of waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

Newest choices on her new name are: Mayzie, Gigi, Jemma, Angie, Tess. We need to wait until she gets home to see which name fits.


Mary said...

My fingers will be crossed for the weekend! I am anxious to hear the name you decide fits her personallity.

Mara... said...

So exciting!! Can't wait to find out her new name!!

BethieJ said...

Did Jim get everything you needed for the NEW BABY! :) that is so cute! Glad she is home now!