Sunday, September 19, 2010

High School Cross Country!

It's the night of the Woodbridge Invitational. There are five races this evening: Freshmen, Sophomore, Juniors, Seniors and Sweepstakes (Varsity). Chris's raced with the seniors. The second to the last race of the evening, starting around 8:15pm. He said the boys were so pumped up by then that the first mile of the race was really violent... lots of pushing, shoving, elbowing, hitting and words (not very nice words). The team captain told them to start fast in the first mile, pass other runners in the second mile, and hold their position in the third mile. Chris beat his one mile PR in the first mile, 5.09! AND beat his XC PR by 30 seconds!... FINISHING in 17:22 (2 seconds after the 3rd place runner on his team). He was the 4th senior across the line, so in a scoring position, and earned himself a medal!

In fact, ALL the seniors finished under 18 minutes! Just 30 second pace under the Varsity. We've been looking for how the Senior Team did relative to the other schools, but haven't found it... I bet they placed really well!

Everyone was so happy, and congratulating each other while walking to the bus... And the bus was GONE! It turns out that the girls cross country team took both buses back to Capo, and left the boys stranded. The coach called one of the bus drivers, and he had to come back to pickup the boys. Chris didn't get home last night until 12:15am!

Congrats Chris! Congrats Seniors!
Go Capo!

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Mary said...

Way to go Chris!!! Sounds like it was a great race! What on earth were the girls thinking?