Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet...... Jena!

Look who's home! As soon as we saw her, we decided that she was a Jenny, but Cheryl didn't like the name Jenny... so Jena it is!

We got a call yesterday afternoon that we could come get her TODAY! I expected a dog who was out of it, and recovering from surgery... instead we have an over abundance of unrestrained puppy enthusiasm!
She's been looking around, being curious, checking things out. The neighbors have been over to say, "Hi" too. We are supposed to keep her quiet and calm for two weeks. FAT CHANCE of that! LOL!

She is so sweet! We can already tell she is going to be a GREAT DOG! Oh, and we can also tell that she's not house broken (oops... don't tell Cheryl).

We all love her dearly, and she's already part of the family!


Mary said...

Hi Jena!!!

She is so pretty! She looks like her hair is soft. Good luck with the house training and your secret is safe with me.

Mara... said...

I love her name!! Sounds like she is fitting right in. Can't wait to see more puppy photos!

BethieJ said...

Welcome home Jena!! GREAT photos Joni! I bet your all so EXCITED to have her!!! Glad she is feeling well after her little surgery!
Will be watching for photos!