Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bad Dog, Jena!

We went to a pet fair today (sorry Mary, I forgot to bring the camera AGAIN!) The advantage of being so darn CUTE is that everyone gives you free stuff! One booth gave Jena a free squeeky cat stuffed animal. As you can see, Jena is very hard on her toys... That cat lasted just over an hour in Jena's clutches.

Doesn't she look proud of herself? She really got that Cat! I gotta keep reminding myself that she's just a puppy...

It's not all her fault... I think Cheryl and Chris encourage her, lol!

She's such a goof-ball! At the moment, she's sitting next to me watching the Christmas tree... she looks like she's ready to pounce on it, if it makes a wrong move.

It will be interesting how the Christmas tree will fare against Jena overnight! We shall see... lol!


Mara... said...

oh my, she looks like a feisty one!! I can't believe she tore that toy apart!! Good luck with the tree. :-)

BTW, I love your blog header. Such an amazing photo!!

Mary said...

Well, IMO that toy looked kind of creepy. Maybe she ripped it up to protect her family. hahaha Love the last picture! She looks like she is dancing for you! I will be curious to hear how it went with the tree.