Sunday, December 12, 2010

Creative Share!

Okay... again not my share, but Chris's... Is it bad that my son has more crafty shares than I do?

First share is this darling snowflake pendant. Oh, if I didn't mention it before, the kids design their own jewelry. No patterns are given out in this class!

Chris didn't like how this came out, and he said that he lost points on it because the design was so simple. I said that I LOVE it, so he gave it to me! Won't this go great with my Christmas outfit?

Next share is an AMAZING surfer-themed cuff! He cut out five shapes from three different types of metals and riveted them all together into a SUPER COOL bracelet. He got 45 out of 40 points on this project. The teacher said that it's the BEST project she's seen all year. She took a photo of it to use as an example for next year's class.

It's kind of hard to get a picture of since it's curved, but the front is the word "surf." There are two scroll design elements on each side of the word. Then layered on top of one side is a plumeria flower.

And layered on the other side is a sea turtle.

Cheryl said that she wants one, and placed her order, lol! Too bad, Cheryl, this is a one of a kind "original"!!!

Chris is also turning out some great art work in his drawing class. I wish he'd bring some of his pictues home so I can see them, but I guess the teacher displays the students' work on the walls. I'm going to have to wait to the end of the semester to see what he's been doing.

12 more days until Christmas! Can you believe the days are flying by so quickly?
Christmas will be here before we know it!


Mary said...

WOW!!! The bracelet is super cool! I can see where he got the extra points. Great job Chris! You are super talented! Yes, I over use the !!! hahaha

BethieJ said...

Joni I LOVE both pieces... Chris is so TALENTED!!! (just like his mama!) Cant wait to see more!