Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dana Point Turkey Trot 5K

There's nothing like a quick little race on Thanksgiving morning with 2500 of your closest friends, ugh! BTW, say "Hi" to Flat Stanley (this was taken before his "unfortunate incident" which I will tell you about later).

Our plan was simple, Chris was going to pace me to an under 25 minute finish. But, he said that he didn't factor in all the people... granted that 2500 isn't that big of a race, but it was a group start (not staggered) and some of the roads were pretty narrow. It was hard to get by when the person in front of us suddenly slows down to a walk... there was also dodging strollers and repeated groups of Santa with eight reindeer (sometimes nine).

Well, we tried... but, I ended up finishing in 25:26. Chris sprinted ahead on the last stretch so that he could watch me and get my time right when I crossed the line.

My Time:
Women: 86 out of 1246
F 40-99: 11 out of 243
Age/Grade: 66.75% Place: 137
Finish: 25:26 Pace: 8:11
Tag Time: 25:26
Gun Time: 27:08

Chris's Time:
Men: 226 out of 1046
M 16-19: 39 out of 87
Age/Grade: 53.93% Place: 462
Finish: 25:03 Pace: 8:04
Tag Time: 25:03
Gun Time: 26:46


Mary said...

Chris is such a good son. You and Jim did a fanstatic job raising him. I can't wait to see the picture of Flat Stanley with the bandaide. hahaha

BethieJ said...

CONGRATS to you both.. How FUN you both get to do these races together.. UH OH Flat Stanley got a BOO BOO!! I LOVED when Amanda did her Flat Stanley.. Had a sweet mini album made of his FUN!