Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bunco Babes

Christmas Bunco! Our neighborhood Bunco group meets every month for a girls night out. December has always traditionally been Kate's month. She puts on a wonderful Christmas party and gift exchange in place of our monthly bunco.

I was assigned dessert. I made Oreo Truffles; the easiest dessert EVER! Go HERE to find the recipe. They don't look too different than the picture.

Since I made such an easy dessert, I decided to try something else a little more ambitious... Snowmen Cake Pops! If you go HERE, you can find the recipe, directions, and a picture of what they are supposed to look like.

I didn't use sticks.... As a result, the chocolate puddled around the bottom, and our snowmen look like they are melting. I couldn't find the matching cookies or the candy coated sunflower seeds for the noses, so we substituted moon and star sprinkles. The cookie hats were replaced with Butterfinger bells.

Here are my snowmen helpers hard at work! Chris was putting on the hats and the arms. Cheryl was putting on the nose and the buttons. AND this all needed to be done before the chocolate hardened. They were purposely getting in each others way. We laughed and laughed! Then we ran out of white chocolate and had to use milk chocolate, so we have racially diverse snowmen. Cheryl tried giving the milk chocolate snowmen dreadlocks! lol!

On to Bunco night where there was lots of food, fun, and laughter. Kate's tree (posted above) was beautiful, and her entire house was decked out for Christmas! Look at the great appetizers shared by Stephanie, Tina, and Anne.

Kathy, Julie, Connie, Anne and Kate are digging in for dinner! Dinner was pot luck and everything was WONDERFUL! I was so stuffed!

Here's our Bunco Babes. First there's our Bunco queens, Stacy and our hostess Kate!

Lorraine, Tammy and Kathy, all with beautiful smiles!

Anne and Iris, looking very festive!

Another picture of Stephanie and Tina... Looking gorgeous, ladies!

It's me getting into the picture with Nora.

Here's a few photos after the gift exchange... First of all, here's Kate getting FIT!

And Tina, looking FABULOUS in her new wrap!

And here are Julie, Connie and Lorraine admiring Tina in her new wrap... or is that smile on Julie's face from the chair?

I don't know what time I stumbled back home from next door, but Chris said it was at least 11:30pm. A wild late night for me, hahaha!

Merry Christmas, Bunco Babes!


Colleen said...

You did awesome, they look so yummy.

It looks like you girls had a great time.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Mara... said...

Your snowmen look awesome Joni!! Those butterfinger bells are perfect for the hats. Looks like you had a great night!!

Mary said...

hahaha What a great time for all! Your snowmen turned out GREAT! I love that they looked like they were melting. Kate's tree is beautiful! Hope you got something good.

tinamvtina said...

Wow Joni, these are all great photos and your commentary is adorable!! Thank you for doing all of this for all of us and Thank You, Chris and Cheryl too!! I am so happy we are neighbors and that you enrich our Bunco get togethers sooo much! Merry Christmas.......p.s.Those Snowmen not only were the cutest things ever, they were the tastiest too!

BethieJ said...

JONI! LOOKY those YUMMY desserts.. the snowmen are so CUTE! (I MUST NOT show Amanda.. she will want to make some !LOL!) Looks like a GREAT time at your bunco group! (I got NO photos at ours.. sigh.. next year!!)