Sunday, June 1, 2008

Half-Marathon Training - Week #3

I'm still following Galloway's half-marathon training plan. It's been only two weeks, and frankly I'm getting bored... and FAT! Well, okay, not FAT... but I have put on some weight around my middle (you know muffin top area). The mileage on Galloway's plan is less than I have been doing on my own. The good news is that my knee problems have all cleared up. So, maybe Galloway's plan is doing some good after all.
I made all my goals last week.
Here is my schedule for this week:
SUN - off
MON - 9.5 miles
TUE - off
WED - 40-60 min
THU - off
FRI - 40-60 min
SAT - 25 min

I think it's time for another "Run to Woodsfield" map.
Since Galloway cut my mileage down, I'm not making as much progress as I wanted. I'm still out in the New Mexico desert, west of Santa Fe.

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