Sunday, June 1, 2008


The last tournament of the season, found Mission in the bottom on the pool. The first game was a loss against Hacienda Hts, 0-2. The second game was a tie against Diamond Bar 1-1. The third game was Mission Viejo against Mission Viejo. Both teams were tied for last... the winner would go on to play in the finals. Well, the game ended in a 3-3 tie. So, both teams didn't make playoffs.

Oh, well... But here's the big news! We have another left-midfielder in the family!!! The coach decided to try Chris at left-mid (the same position that his sister plays). He did great! With all the running he does, he didn't even get tired. Look at him stretch his legs in the photo! And being in the midfield made him feel more apart of the game.

Chris has decided after this weekend to play soccer again in the fall, as a mid-fielder! So, soccer is not over for the Moore family as we thought. Cheryl is even going to play again this fall in AYSO U19, and her adult coed league.


Mary_Yontz said...

WOW!!! Chris looks like he is in VERY good shape!

mel said...

awesome pic and he look great!tfs