Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last Day...

Hi all! This is the last leg of our trip. We stuck to State Parks for the rest of our journey, but had another catch in our plans. Up to know we've had no trouble finding campgrounds with open sites. Most of the time the campgrounds were almost empty, But... SURPRISE! It's fall break up North! The kids are out of school and families are getting in their last camping trip of the season. We headed south, going through the 17 mile drive. The highlight was supposed to be the iconic Monterey pine tree on a rock... Uhm, okay, we saw it. Then we headed across the Golden Gate Bridge and ended up in Butano State Park. We got one of the last campsites and the campground was full of kids and families.

It was a beautiful campground. The trees were very open and there were lots of space and fun places for kids to play... and there were a lot of them. It made me think of a shire full of hobbits.

The next day we stopped at 4 different state parks further along the coast before finding one with a vacancy. It was a long drive day. We ended up all the way down in San Simeon State Beach. San Simeon had two campgrounds. The campground with running water, toilets and showers was full, so we were in the dry dusty primitive camp, but we did drive over to the other camp to sneak in a shower... shhhh, don't tell.

That's it for the trip, I think it ended way too soon. We didn't get to see all we wanted, but now there's a reason for us to go back. :oD
Thanks for letting me share!

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Mary said...

Great drawing of Jim reading a book. Looks like you did see some beautiful scenery. Glad you had a good time and that you are home safely.