Wednesday, October 9, 2013


What is October 1st you ask? Well, it's the day that the government closed... and two people who are off the grid camping didn't know about it. We left Patrick's Point and headed east for Lassen National Park. We tried to stop half way at Whiskey Creek National Recreational Area. It was there we found out that all National Park, National Monuments, and National Recreational Areas were closed. We spent 2 more hours trying to find another campground. We finally found one at a dry boat landing called Bailey Cove on Shasta Lake... needless to say, we were the only people in the entire campground. It was right below the 5 FWY and we listened to the cars and trucks run by all night.

The next day we trolled for wifi in a small town and found signal behind the local medical center. There we confirmed that Lassen National Park really was closed. So we headed back to the coast. After going from one barren cold windswept campsite to another, we ended up in Gualala Regional Park. A beautiful place under the bay trees. There is a great trail to a secluded beach.

We had some critters in the camp. Jim left the back of the truck open as he took out some wood and worked to start a fire. We heard a noise by the truck and two raccoons were trying to climb in the back. We also had a little grey fox come right up to us to beg for food. We also saw lots of seals and deer, and also a whale.

That's it for this leg of the trip.
Stay tuned for the last leg tomorrow.

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Mary said...

I love your drawings. You are doing so great on them. Thanks for sharing your trip.