Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spooktacular Half-Marathon

Today was the Spooktacular Half Marathon in San Dimas. We ran with a couple people from the lunch time running group: Eric and Paloma. This was the hilly-est half-marathon that I ever ran! It was a very tough run... street, concrete side walk, dirt, gravel and a muddy stream crossing. Cheryl and I ran in costume. I was a pirate and Cheryl was a mime.

Here is a picture that Eric took of me coming in to the finish line:

After the half-marathon, Cheryl and I added more miles to make the weekend total.... 18 MILES!

My time: 2:05. 2nd place in my age group. 43rd overall...
Cheryl's time: 2:08, 7th in her age group. 52nd overall...

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Mary said...

YEAH! You both did really good.