Sunday, October 6, 2013

The trip day by day...

We're baaaak...!
I had plans to blog during the trip, but the only day we had wifi access was the first night at the hotel. I'll get you all caught up now. We are recreating (more or less) a camping trip that Jim and I took about 30 years ago. Our next stop on the trip was the Avenue of the Giants, Humbolt State Park. The smell of a redwood forest is so wonderful... different than any other type of forest.

We stayed at the Burlington campsite. We were one of 4 groups in the site. It was wonderful! We did a lot of hiking and I learned what poison oak looks like. Jim got tangled up in some, but turns out he must have the same immunity to the stuff as his dad did, because he didn't come down with a rash.

The trees are really BIG and BEAUTIFUL! We got some rain over night, and it rained steadily all the next day. We decided to setup of rain and stay put in Humbolt for another night. The trailer is great. It kept us warm and dry.

On our rainy day, we passed on hiking and went on a drive to the coast to the furthest west point in the continental United States... Cape Mendocino. Then it was on to Ferndale to walk through the cute Victorian village and have some lunch.

Oh, I tried a different type of journaling for this trip; visual journaling! Here is my Avenue of the Giants page. You can see the trees with poison oak. The tree with the face is from our campsite, and you see our campsite in the rain. I have Ferndale, the beach and the wild road to get there. Here it is...

Now I just need to add some color to it to finish it up.

Stay tuned for more camping adventures!


Mary said...

WOW!!! I am loving the journal. I can't wait to see more.

BethieJ said...

LOVE this Joni.. and the photos are GREAT too! I have enjoyed seeing your trip.. I LOVE you recreated a trip you took 30 years ago!!!
Have a GREAT day!