Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Are you ready? Kauai 2015 - day 1

... for Grandma K's 97th birthday!
This is our first time to Kauai in any other season other than summer. We arrived in Kauai around 1:30pm. There was no food service on our American non-stop from LAX, and we proved that 4 people can survive on two peanut butter pop-tarts... but just barely.

Our first stop was Hamura's for lunch; next check-in to our condo at Castle Kiahuna; and then to Grandma's house.

Those two little rascals are Kai and Kala, my cousin Keenan's dogs. Kala is the sweet old man and Kai is the hyperactive middle schooler with ADD. haha!

Here's a blast from the past! A 4-generations picture from 25 years ago!

... A 4-generations picture today! :oD

Here's a few more family pics from the first day... Cheryl had to have her Papa picture!

My mom and her mom together:

And one more... So we have proof of who's taller now Papa!

After a nice dinner of L&L BBQ, we head back to our 2.98 star condo for the night:


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