Monday, April 27, 2015

Kauai day 5 - Grandma and Papa go home

Oh, it's a sad day Grandma and Papa are leaving tonight...

But before that, the kiddos have a six hour snorkle tour of the North shore.

They are all loaded up...

And there they GO!

In the meantime, us old folks head out for a picnic at Salt Pond.

Papa managed to get himself wet without Cheryl's help ;0D

Checkout this BEAUTIFUL day,... wait until you see tomorrow, haha!

Then it's back to Grandma K's house to hang out and wait for the kiddos... I think Kai wants to go home with Grandma and Papa...

Or maybe he's just up to mischief...

Then we head back to the Small Boat Harbor and sit next to the mutant ducks, waiting for the kids to get back.

They're back! There are big waves coming in from the south, but since they headed to the north, they had a pretty smooth ride. They saw turtles, dolphins and whales; went on a picnic and a stroll to an ancient Hawaiian fishing village; and of course snorkling!

That's the end of day 5! ALOHA!

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Mary said...

Love Salt Pond! What a beautiful place to have a picnic. Sounds like Chris and Cheryl had a great trip!