Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kauai day 7

So what do we do on day 7? Even before our shoes and socks have dried out from yesterday, we head out for another hike!

Actually, this is a surf check masquerading as a hike. Our destination... the cliffs east of Poipu. We learned later that this is part of the Mahaulepu trail the runs from Poipu to Kawailoa Bay (more on that tomorrow).

Chris made sure no to wear a hat... just in case it rains... :oD

Actually, there is no rain in the forecast today! It's a great day to be outside!

Who would have expected to find a pink wing-back chair?

It's a good enough reason for a photo-op as any!

Next up... Kayaking the Wailua River...

Do you think he did that on purpose?

We've been all up and down different branches of this river on separate trips, but we have never paddled it ALL in ONE day... until today, that is...

First stop the waterfall trail:

It's too deep to cross here, even with the rope... Time to turn back...

Next stop, the rope swing...

The rope is gone, but the kids still jumped from the cliff. The water was FREEZING!!!

Next stop.... The end of the river... No going any further...

We turn back around and pull in at the Fern Grotto... landing in knee deep mud.

It has sure changed a lot since we were here last... this is as close to the Fern Grotto as we can get.

When we got back to the marina, we were still early, so we took some of the little side tributaries. Here is one with a nice view of the Sleeping Giant.

Gondolier in training!


Hmmm... Is this a good idea?

Haha!... Maybe not!

This is kind of fun... I was waearing my Garmin, watch so was able to map our trail up the river. 7.4 MILES!


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