Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kauai day 6 - Kalaulau trail part 2

Are you ready for this? TONS of pictures!!!

So it's wet and drizzly, and we are on our way up the Kalaulau trail!

The trail is muddy with slippery rocks...

But it sure is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Cheryl and Chris on the top of the world!

The further we go the more spectacular it gets...

Here's Chris doing a Totoro impression... Poor Chris didn't have a hat, so the rain really got to him. It's like the Chinese water torture.

More slippin' and slidin' on the rocks...

And slippery mud...

This picture was more spectacular in person. We are standing on a cliff. This is one of the places where a helicopter can land to pickup stranded hikers.

Orchids growing right along side the trail:

The intrepid hikers!

Is this it? Is this the river where we are supposed to turn around?

There are lots of people crossing here, and the group of locals who told us to turn around at the river aren't here.

I guess we continue on...

Are we worried yet? The warning says 83 people have died on this beach. Keenan said the last time that he was here the sign was only up to 14.

Oh, there's the RIVER!

Can you see one of the people stranded on the other side?

On our way back, it started to rain seriously!

No more hikers allowed.

Chris was the first one in our group to get back to the trail head. He talked to a ranger and told him that there were four people stranded on the other side of the river. The ranger said that it happens every time it rains, and that they'd send a helicopter out to pick them up. There were 32 people in all!

So why are we in bathing suits in the rain? Because those are the only dry clothes that we had, haha!


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Mary said...

WOW! That makes me want to go back. Kauai is a beautiful place. Chris....the HERO!!!!