Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kauai 2015 - day 2

Today we stuck to the south and west sides of the island, doing the sight seeing thing. We need to make sure that all the standard sights are still there, and if they are then our place is right in the world. haha!

Yep. Menehune Ditch is still there :oD

... the swinging bridge too!

The Waimea black sand beach is just how we remembered it.

And the landing:

Look who I found on the landing. He crawled right up onto my hand. I had Jim hold him for a picture.

The Russian Fort is still there:

... there's a familar sight:

Messing around a the river mouth.

Uhhhh.... can someone translate, please?

Spouting Horn is still there!

And a guy named Prince Kuhio ;oD

We hit the Sunshine Market in Kekaha for bananas and mountain apples...

YUM... uh, NOT! Haha!

Then back to hanging out at Grandma K's house and L&L for dinner.

ALOHA, day 2!!!

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