Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good-bye Wisdom Teeth, Hello Breaking Dawn!

Cheryl had her wisdom teeth out on Friday... After she came out from the general anesthesia, the nurse put her in a wheelchair and took her to the elevator. The elevator was mirrored. She took one look at herself with the two rolls of white, bloody gauze sticking out of her mouth and said, "Hey, I look like a vampire!" We've had vampires on the mind waiting for the new Twilight book, hahaha!

I got an email notice from Amazon that Breaking Dawn has shipped! Cheryl and I have been looking forward to this book! Will Bella changeover or not?

Anyway back to Cheryl... When she came out of the general anesthesia, she started chattering away... non-stop! I couldn't understand most of what she said because of the gauze stuffed in her mouth. It's such a change from when Chris got his wisdom teeth out. Chris said nothing... got in the car and said nothing... got out of the car at home and went to bed.

After Cheryl got home, Chris made her some mac and cheese while I went down and picked up her prescription. I got home and put the mac and cheese in the blender. I know it sounds disgusting. It even looks disgusting... but it tastes just like mac and cheese. LOL!

She won't let me take her picture, but I think she is so cute with the fat cheeks. I've been calling her my cheeky-munk.


Mara... said...

I still remember getting my wisdom teeth removed. Too bad I didn't get mac and cheese in the blender, sounds like a NICE treat!!! Hope she recovers quickly!

Mary_Yontz said...


It would be a good kodak moment, but I completely understand. Tell her to take care!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

amazon was a little late getting the books out, i think. tabb had hers friday am from borders =0O

i feel for cheryl...i remember that. i kept asking for crackers and soup...over and over and over. i crashed on the couch all day with my cat sleeping on me.