Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordle, Wordle, Wordle!!!

I love the look of word patterned papers and embellishments. One little word can set the entire tone and feeling of a layout. What about 10 or more carefully chosen words? Even better!!!

I found this great site on the TallyBlog, called Wordle.

Here is a screenshot:
You can "point" Wordle to a blog or webpage and it will pull words off the page to create a fun jumble of text.

Another fun option is to use your own words instead of letting Wordle select them from your blog. Which is what I did for this card. The FAQ section explains how to make some words larger than others and how to keep phrase words together (like "Wish Big"). I type the words I wanted on the page, I just clicked on the Go button underneath the box and it pops up with my custom word art. The menus on the top can be used to change the font and colors.

Here is how I got this to print out in the size I wanted:
1) Make sure the browser window is active and do a window capture (Alt-PrintScrn).
2) Open an image editor, like Photoshop.
3) Create a NEW photoshop image. (File-New)
4) Paste the window capture into the new photoshop image (Ctrl-V)

Now you can crop, resize, and even edit your wordle. In my case, I resized it to fit on the card, and added some fun dingbats to fill in the empty spaces.

In this layout, I generated the wordle using a quote, "Look for what is good and you will find it." When the wordle was generated, it was just a jumble of words:

I used Photoshop to copy the words onto my photo, and move the words around so that it would read like the quote.

This is so much fun!
I hope you'll all give it a try.


Mary_Yontz said...

WOW!!! What a fun site! I am also glad to see you back scrapping! Can't wait to see more of your work!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

aren't those great! i discovered that site a few weeks ago...i haven't printed/scrapped/crafted with any yet, though. love what you did with them and thanks for the instructions.

book 4 is my least fave of them (better than THE HOST, though)...i enjoyed the first 100 or so pages (the honeymoon)...and then it took a big NOSEDIVE...then it got better...than YUCK, again...and the end wasn't so bad, could have ended a little sooner, though. enjoy it!

Mara... said...

Joni, that is too stinkin' cool!! I'm going to check that out!!