Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer's Over...

The final cut for the Saddleback College soccer team was today. Cheryl made the team! She is now playing college ball! Her first game is next week Friday. Here is her entire schedule, but check with us first, Papa, because she won't be at all the games. Her class schedule was difficult to work with this semester because she waited so long to register. She has Psychology, Physics, English, Art, and Soccer (all classes that she needs to transfer to USC). The math classes were full, so she will have to complete her math during summer school. Go Gauchos!!!

Chris made the cross country team at Capistrano Vally High School. He is also going to play AYSO Fall soccer. His school schedule this year is: English, World History, Spanish 2, Chemistry, Geometry, and Cross Country. He's set to start the
Tuesday after Labor Day. Go Cougars!!!

Chris and I still have the Disneyland half-marathon next weekend! I hope the weather stays in the 80s. It would be miserable to run in 100F heat.

I went in to sign papers for my new contract today. I start back to work at Rockwell-Collins on September 16th, 32 hours per week. My summer is also coming to an end.

We have had one busy summer after vacations were over!
Four vision checkups
Six visits to the doctor (including the emergency room)
Eleven visits to the dentist
One visit to the vet


Mary_Yontz said...

CONGRATULATIONS Cheryl!!! You have been one busy girl this summer. I didn't realize you had so many appointments!

BethieJ said...

CONGRATS Cheryl!!! that is so exciting!!! (my Amanda just started her 1st year of soccer!!)
Joni PHEW that was alot of appointments you had this summer!!
Enjoy the rest of your break!!
Happy New School year to the kiddos!! and GOOD luck on the half marathon!!!

Cindee said...

Congrats!!! To both of your kiddos. What accomplishments.

Enjoy the rest of your time off. It goes by way too fast. At least mine did.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

wow!! congrats to the kids!! they so totally rock!!