Monday, August 18, 2008

More Training...

My friend Tami posted this challenge on Iraq and Back. It's a training program to reach the goal of 100 consecutive push-ups in six weeks. I've let my weight training slip while I've been training for the half-marathon. This looks like a fun way to get back into it. Anyone else want to join us?

I'm starting with day 1 of the program tomorrow. My initial test is 7 normal push-ups.


Mary said...

Good luck! I looked it over and I would have to do them on my knees too. I will to the initial test today and see where I fall. I bet I can already guess. hahaha

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

you go joni...i should do this...but i will have to pass...does it count that dh has been there for REAL?? ;0)

BethieJ said...

Good Luck Joni!!! I HATE push ups! LOL!!! I do them on my ball when I work out! I am gonna count that!! :)
I LOVE the wordle! I gotta try it! Hmm maybe today.. we have rain.. I need to scrap! :) thanks for sharing the link!
Have a GREAT week!!!

BethieJ said...

JONI!! :) Your hubby sounds like my son and the olive bread! LOL! he asked me to make it for him for his birthday.. (it is in Nov!) Glad you all liked it!!
I have another new one I am trying tonite ~ I will share it if it is good! (ah heck I know it will be! LOL! I love that site!)
Have a GREAT day!!