Sunday, August 31, 2008

Half Marathon results

We finished the half marathon! It was fun. There were lots of Disney characters running around and tons of people!

We left the house at 4:30am to get to the race before the 6am start time. Traffic was so bad that Cheryl and Jim had to drop us off. We walked to the start to find our corral, while they parked the car in the Mickey and Friends parking structure. Jim and Cheryl were waiting at the start line, but they said the start was such a huge mob of people (10849 in the race plus spectators) that it was impossible to pick us out.

People were stopping to take pictures with the Disney characters, and lots of runners were dressed as characters themselves. It's amazing how many men were dressed as Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell. They are either very confident or kind of weird. There were radio stations, marching bands, cheerleaders, hula girls, boy/girl scouts, and a mariachi band all along the course. With all the spectators cheering us on, it was a very fun time!

Chris and I started in the the third wave of Corral F (2:10-2:15), because we had no idea how long it would take Chris to finish. He took off and left me after the first mile. Chris finished in 01:50:43 with a pace of 8:26. Based on his finish time, I should have started him in the first wave of Corral C. He ended up having to dodge around people for the entire race, so he may have finished faster if he started earlier. I finished in 02:16:57 with a pace of 10:40. When I met Chris at the finish line, he already ate and had his picture taken.

Chris finished in 1:50.43
Chris finished OVERALL in the top 7% : 770 out of 10849
Chris finished 30 out of 123 in his age group

I finished in 2:16:57
I finished in WOMEN in the top 25% : 1627 out of 6407
I finished 192 out of 717 in my age group


Mary said...

WOW! I am so proud of both of you!!! Congratulations on a job well done!!!

{Shirley} said...

wow Joni and Chris!! You both ran an amazing race!! CONGRATS!!

nancy_scraps said...

HI Joni! Congrats on your time. Looks like you and Tami could be real running buddies...I think that was close to her 1/2 marathon time.

So glad you had fun and did this. Looking forward to seeing you around Tally a bit more (maybe?)

vannasmom said...

wow! congrats on the scores!1 you rock!!

Mary said...

Hey Joni. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! I see you're still too. Hope you're doing well. Looks like it from your blog. Take card.

Mary Rogers
(Toao) from the old PCMB and now I'm on the Stamp Shack!

jill said...

That is awesome Joni! The Disney half was on my to run list but now it will be the half at Disney World. I'm training for another half now and then my first full in Ohio sometime in 2009.

Love the running ticker :)

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

WOMAN,YOU ROCK!!!!! i think you are so awesome and such an inspiration to me to get my butt back on the treadmill!!


can you tell that i'm behind on your blog?;0)