Sunday, August 3, 2008

Half-Marathon Training - week 12

I haven't done a running post in a while... I'm still on my way to Ohio. I've run over 800 miles since January! And I'm still training for the half-Marathon at the end of this month.

I made all my goals last week. Yahoo!!! Here are the training goals for this week.
Here is my schedule for this week:
SUN - off
MON - 13x800m miles
TUE - off
WED - 40-60 min
THU - off
FRI - 40-60 min
SAT - 25 min

I ran 16 miles last Monday, and I feel great!

Chris stopped keeping track of his miles. He's been training with the cross country team for the last couple weeks and is getting back into race shape. The next tryout is this week. He's very sure that he'll make the team.

We did some running while we were in Kauai. The weather was great! Not too hot, not too humid. Here are some photos of our runs. This is Waimea Beach. It's a black sand beach. We run along the beach to the Waimea Landing:

My Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma live right on the Waimea River, so we also ran up the river trail. Here is a good picture of the river from the Swinging Bridge. We just took pictures here, we didn't cross...

Along the river trail, it's really beautiful!

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Mary_Yontz said...

WOW!!! It looks absolutely beautiful! Does your family still see the beauty after living there for so long?