Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book Tutorial

Some of you might remember this little "She Art" that I did of the two girls.

Well, I sure hoped the girls liked it because I turned that She Art into a book. One for each of them!

Here's how it's done...
1) Take a digital photo of the She Art canvas (or you could scan it);

2) Resize the image in Photoshop to fit the cover of the sketch books

3) Print them out on plain printer paper.

4) Cover the sketch book with two coats of white gesso.

5) Add a coat of paint to match the background of the She Art printout. Notice that it's not necessary to paint the middle of the front cover.

6) Cut around the printed she art cover design

7) Adhere the cutout design to the book cover using modge podge

8) Use other colors of paint around the edge of the printout to blend it into the painted cover.
9) Add rub-ons and stamps.

10) Continue the painted design around the spine and back of the book.
11) Cover everything with a thin coat of modge podge to protect it.

12) Attach a ribbon bookmark to the top of the spine.

That's it! That's all you need to do to make a fun gift book!
Thanks for stopping by!


Mary said...

the books look amazing! Yes, the girls love, love, LOVE them!!!

BethieJ said...

Joni these are BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE how they turned out!!! MUST try this sometime!!!
Have a GREAT day!!

Niki Willaert said...

Gorgeous Joni! And such a great tutorial! Once I get a little more experienced with SheArt, I have got to try this! Such a cool idea and an awesome gift too!

Mara Campbell said...

This is amazing Joni!!! Beautiful beautiful artwork and I just love how you turned it into a journal. I am bookmarking this for the future.

Jane Bosi said...

This is awesome!! I'm just learning about She do I find these images? I love the one with the two girls. Can you point me to a website? TIA (PS--congrats on the good run since you've been sick!)