Sunday, February 12, 2012

Typography 101

I'm taking a typography class with Chris's friend, Thalita. It's an on online class. She's in Costa Rica, I'm in the US... isn't the internet a GREAT thing? It makes the world so much smaller.

I've always been interested in typography. I tried to take a class at the local community college, but it's always full. When I found this class taught by Cathy Z, I signed up! The first week she gave us 10 tips for creating and placing type. This week we are supposed to use what we learned and create a scrapbook layout.

Here is my homework assignment. It's a layout of Cheryl's birthday:

Here is my challenge assignment... a layout from the Disneyland 5K:

Look! TWO layouts this year! I've already doubled the number of layouts that I finished last year! YAHOO!

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Mary said...

Great job Joni!!! Love them both!