Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Herd of Holiday Happenings

I've been a negligent blogger. I missed posting about a few special happenings in the last few weeks. Firstly, the bulbs that I got for Christmas are blooming! I know that's not a big event, but we must find joy wherever we can... {grin}

And speaking of flowers... Happy Valentine's Day everyone! My wonderful hubby of 27 years, gave me TWO bunches of tulips. He said that he couldn't decide which ones to get me, so he got them both.

Here are the pretty pink ones. Oh, also notice the new pictures that I put up in the entry way.

I think these are my favorites... the white ones! They are so big and beautiful!

I also missed mentioning the birthday of my best-est friend, Mary. Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope you enjoyed your day!

I make Mary a new rolodex card on her birthday every year. This is the card for this year. LOOK! It's us in She Art style, lol!

It was also my niece's 10th birthday. I can't believe that the youngest of the cousins is now 10! They are all in double-digits now!

It was also my brother's and SIL's birthday. My brother is the youngest of the cousins of my generation, and he just turned 50yrs! Now I'm feeling old {sigh}. BUT I still had some people at his party convinced that I was the younger sibling... Take that, Randy!

Saving the best for last... It was Jim's 60th birthday! Happy Birthday, Honey. You're not getting older, your getting better!

That was an "all over the place" post. Thanks for stopping by!
I hope that everyone has a wonderful "Day of LOVE"!


Mary said...

I noticed how you put the red tulips in a clear vase and the white ones in a red vase. Very cute! Jim is such a keeper!

My rolodex will not make it to my rolodex holder for a while as I am keeping it in my kitchen so I can look at it every day. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

Happy Birthday Jim! Hope you had a great day!

Loved the post Joni! The all-over-the-place is kind of my thing! hahaha

Mara Campbell said...

Wow, you've had a ton to celebrate lately!! I absolutely love that rolodex card, so much fun that those girls match you too!! I just really love what you do with She-Art. I need to find some time to learn more about it.

And Happy Birthday to your hubby!!