Monday, February 27, 2012

Brea 8K

Here we are at our second race of 12 races in 2012. This is the Brea 8K. Why 8K? No one seems to know, but the good news is that we all PR'd! The Brea 8K has been run for 21 years and benefits the Brea School District. I got the lunch group from Panasonic involved in this one. We registered as Team Panasonic. Even the kids are part of the team. There were two others who were supposed to come... I'm sorry that they couldn't make it.

I even got everyone matching shirts. Okay no one wants to run in a polo shirt, but it makes for a good picture, lol!

Team Panasonic came in 14th out of 81 teams! Yahoo, go us! We would have posted even better, but for some reason they used the top 4 gun times instead of chip times to calculate the team score. We started at least a minute from the starting line.

Like I said... everyone PR'd. Here are the stats...

Chris did a really good job, especially since he hasn't been running. He was our first team scorer. By the time the rest of us got in, he'd already been around the FREE food court once and had a grocery bag full of free food and goodies.

I finished in the top 10% of my age group, that's pretty much where I always finish. 8K is an unusual distance. I didn't want to go out at a 5K pace and not be able to finish, so I went at a 10K pace, but had too much energy at the end. I was the 4th scorer for our team.

This was Cheryl's first BIG competitive race. She was actually in front of me at the 1 mile mark. I passed her at the water station around mile 2. Jim took this picture of Cheryl just before the finish line. Look at that smile! Do you think she was having a good time?

I think that a good time was had by ALL! The race was very competitive, yet no one was pushing or being mean... The Brea 8K might have to be our annual tradition!


Mary said...

Yea, it looks like everyone had a good time! Chris just amazes me. Way to go Moore family!

BethieJ said...

CONGRATS on the PRs for everyone!! I LOVE you got your lunch group involved!!! :)
Hope your having a GREAT week Joni!!