Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 2

Adventures in Decorating - continued.... :oD

We made an appointment for the following weekend, Caroline had to reschedule our meeting. Jim thought it was very unprofessional. I was okay with it. Cheryl said that I was okay with it because I didn't want to start making decisions... she's probably right.

When we met, it was as overwhelming as I thought it would be. Caroline put together three color schemes for us to look at. One was peach/green/grey, one was blue/burnt-orange/tan, the last one was blue/teal/grey. The peach one was out. Looking at it made me think of a woman's powder room. The orange in the second one was SCARY! Our room right now is mostly blue and because of that it was easier for us to accept the blue. We pulled colors from the remaining two collections and ended up with navy/cerulean-blue/tan. It's an elegant pallet that we thought would look nice. Caroline called it "nautical beach":

Jim and I fondly started calling it "Old Sea Chest" haha! I was worried that it would be too dull, but Caroline said that she likes to design a neutral background for whatever colors we wanted to add in the form of pillows and nick-nacks. Okay... I felt better about it.

Then we got a whirlwind tour of possible furniture picks and window coverings. That was TOTALLY overwhelming! After a while everything started to look the same...

Caroline: "Do you remember that coffee table in the room with colors? This end table will match perfectly!"

Me: {{{blank wide-eyed look}}} Which table?

Caroline is going to print out our floor plan, furniture and colors, and we'll meet with her again next week.

{{WHEW}} this is happening FAST!

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FAST? Haven't you been working on this a year?