Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 4

Back to window dressings... we went to see Caroline today, and I got my first look at the blinds. The one I liked had a yellow/green tinge to it, so I went with my second choice.

Next we picked fabric for the curtains. We were going to do something fancy with a colored panel/runner (in teal) going through the off-white curtains, but since the blinds had a pattern in it, it looked too busy for me. So I just went with a plain off-white.

I thought that would be it, but NO!

What curtain bar do I want? After much deliberation... Dark wood.
What type of top? Grommet, reverse pleat, goblet pleat, french pleat, triple pleat, double pleat, plain? YIKES!!!
What type of finial? Uh, what's a finial?
Lined or unlined? Whew, and easy one... Lined.
What type of finishing on the sides of the grass blinds? Uh.... brown?

{{{WHEW}}} Okay... window dressing is done. Now on to PAINT!

I had to NIX the orange. YIKES! Way too scary! Most of the walls are going to be beige and there are going to be two accent walls. One behind the sofa and one in the dining room. Jim has to pickup the color samples from the paint store. Here is what we decided on today (I greyed all the paint sample colors except the ones that we decided on):

We picked the curtain top on the right (it's less fussy). It was a compromise between my plain top and Jim's triple pleat:

And here is what it all looks like together now:

Other than that, I'm still cleaning out craft stuff this week and the basket hunt continues this weekend...

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Mary said...

You are so making progress! I can't wait to see it all come together.