Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!!

We had a nice day. I spent all morning cleaning my crafty stuff out of the dining room. Here is what I've got to do...

It's not really that messy all the time. I already started moving stuff around before I realized that I needed to take pics first. I was too lazy to put it all away for the pics. Here is a close up:

The sewing cabinet has to go. Everything I want to keep that's in and on the cabinet and all my drawers have to move to a shorter area behind the love seat. It has to all fit there along-side all the computer stuff... Yeah, it's a BIG job!

In the late afternoon we headed over to a nice family gathering, and from there headed to the Galaxy game. After the game they always have a nice fireworks show. The Galaxy have never lost on a 4th of July since we've been attending :oD

We hope you all had a GREAT day!!!

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Mary said...

Love your Galaxy pictures. Those fireworks look great.