Friday, July 4, 2014

Adventures in Decorating - week 3

After I got the printouts of furniture and fabrics and held it up in the room, I didn't want my living room all blue... The whole thing came down on seemed dull and depressing.

We went back to Ethan Allen on our own to look at furniture again. We went through so fast last time that I wanted to take my time and browse more. Caroline happened to be there, and we talked about my reluctance to the all blue pallet. She convinced me that I could bring in other colors with accessories. I was happy again and left.

When I got home, I freaked out again! LOL! I spent time on the computer looking at all the things that I pinned. Instead of looking for nice rooms, I looked for colors that made me happy.

I called her, she told me not to stress, and to text her the pictures. I told her that I'd have to use Jim's phone because mine doesn't have a camera. We couldn't figure out how to send a picture on Jim's phone, so I ended up emailing her:

Cheryl calls it "beach tropical" instead of "beach nautical" (aka "old sea chest").

The following day, Caroline called us in again... She completely changed everything for us... in ONE DAY! She said that the colors and designs I went for are for outdoor furniture. So she toned it down for us a little.... AND I am very happy now with an orange/turqoise/tan/ivory pallet. WOW! I LOVE IT!!!

We ordered a sofa/loveseat, dining room table and 4 upolstered chairs, coffee table, ottoman and pillows. The color is mostly in the pillows, so it will be easy to change the colors if I get tired of them.

I still might get two more dining room chairs. I'm also getting window coverings and carrying those into the kitchen.

After dragging my feet for a year, Jim and I made a decision and ordered in three weeks. Jim pretty much let me get whatever I wanted. Problem was that I didn't know what I wanted... I'm glad that Caroline knew.

Furniture should be here in 6-8 weeks. In the meantime, the window people are coming to measure, and I need to start purging my crafting supplies. I know there is a lot there that I don't use. All my stuff is sitting out in the dining room. Caroline told me that once I get the new furniture in there, I'm going to obsess about the mess against the dining room wall. I believe her... So, I figure it's better to start cleaning and purging now. I nixed her idea of a sofa back table, and I decided to put a cabinet behind the loveseat to hold my crafty stuff. Now, I just need to get all my stuff into one cabinet. YIKES!

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Mary said...

Get a BIG cabinet! LOL I am so looking forward to seeing the finished product. You need to take before and after pictures. You should take one from each corner of the room and then again when it is finished.