Monday, July 28, 2014

O boy Dango!

It's ondo time!!! And with it comes dango!


And a lot of other YUMMY goodness!

Chris's sushi is a work of art, haha!

The whole family is out for FUN!

There is HULA... You see the prettiest dancer up there? That's my mom :oD


But BEST of all the ONDO... All ready to DANCE!

Gotch-yer bling on...

The girls are so pretty...

Ondo, ondo, ondo!!!

I'm ending this post with a few more fun pics:


Mary said...

That looks like it was so much fun! Your mom is so beautiful and your dad...hahaha He always looks so happy. Everyone sure is growing up. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

BethieJ said...

Joni I LOVED all the pictures.. it looked like a day filled with FUN!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!