Friday, January 7, 2011

Birthday time again!!!

My baby girl is 21yrs!!! I know I asked this last year, but where does the time go?!!! We had a nice family gathering at my mom and dad's house. Last night, for her birthday, I made her favorite Italian Chicken. She made her own cake... red velvet with cream cheese frosting! Before all that, she had to work. Her little girls had a little party for her after practice with cupcakes and cans of whipped cream. You think the whipped cream is for the cupcakes? NO! The whipped cream is for shooting, and Cheryl was the target, HAHAHA! I wish I could have seen that. I saw the aftermath... she came home covered with dried whipped cream!

We had presents last night too, just a couple. I ordered a couple of things online, which didn't arrive yet. I won't tell you what they are since she may be reading this, shhhh.... Anyway, last night we gave her a package of Flaming Hot Cheetos and the soccer dude.

The soccer dude is stuffed full from his toes to the top of his hat with change. We have no idea how much money is in there. Any guesses? Jim is going to take her to the credit union to cash it out today. Everything in there is hers.

Happy Birthday, Baby! As Grandma and Papa said... the next big milestone is college graduation!


Mary said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl!!!!

You are one of the nicest young ladies I have ever met. Best wishes always!

By the way, the cake looks WONDERFUL!!!

BethieJ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cheryl!! YEAH soccer dude was FULL!!
The cake looks DELISH too!!
and Joni if you find out where the time goes.. do let me know.. I want to find some more of it! HA HA!
have a GREAT day!