Friday, July 18, 2008


I went for my long run yesterday... 19 miles! Well, actually I ran 14 miles, ran/walked 2 miles, and walked 3 miles. That was the longest day in my half-marathon training plan.
Jim went to the doctor for his hand. They re-x-rayed it and verified that there were no broken bones, but it's still bothering him. He has another doctor appointment on Monday.
The kids went to see HellBoy 2. They said it was funny and give it two-thumbs up! I've never seen the first movie, but from the poster, it doesn't look funny to me...

I have a dentist appointment in a few minutes. I'll post the Hawaii pictures when I get back.

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mel said...

kix i love hellboy and cannot wait for the dvd.happy dh getting better