Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oahu to Kauai - Day 6

I found this recipe on BethieJ's blog.... Strawberry Muffins!
We must have picked more than a gallon of berries since we got back from vacation. This was a great recipe to use them up... yummy too! Thanks for sharing, Beth!

Oahu to Kauai, Day 6 - July 9

Happy Birthday, Mom! I remembered now, even if I didn't remember then...
Today is a traveling day. We say aloha to Oahu, and aloha Kauai!

We got to Kauai in time to grab a bite to eat before doing our round at the relatives. We stopped at Uncle Shoso's and Auntie Betty's, but they weren't home. We stopped at Uncle Tom's and Auntie Mary's where we met up with my mom and dad. To Cheryl's delight, it's mango season! There are mangoes everywhere... in the trees, on the ground, everyone is giving them away to each other... it's mango overload! My mom said that she can hear the mangoes falling from the trees during the night, LOL!

We are staying with my Uncle Willy and Auntie Geri. We stopped by there to drop off our suitcases and pick-up Grandma K, then it's back to the airport to to meet my brother and his family. They will be staying with Uncle Tom and Auntie Mary.

We all made it! YAHOO!!!


BethieJ said...

JONI!! I am glad you used the recipe! I hope they turned out yummy, we loved ours!
Looks like you had a fun trip~ what GREAT photos!!!!!
Have a wonderful monday!!!

Mary_Yontz said...

I will also have to check out Bethies blog to find that recipe. I had to freeze some so they would not spoil before we got them eaten. Loved all the photos for today! That mango looks YUMMY and Cheryl looks like she is enjoying it!