Friday, July 25, 2008

Kauai - day 10

Today's update: With swimming workouts, running workouts, soccer workouts, an orthodontics appointment, and a cross country parent meeting, it was a busy day (but uneventful day).

Kauai, Day 10 - July 13
It's our last full day on Kauai, and our day of fun and adventure. My family and my nephew took a snorkeling cruise of the NaPali coast. We left on a pontoon speedboat from Waimea. We got held up a little a the missile range until we were allowed to pass(they were still shooting off missiles).
First, here is the sight that we woke up to this morning... A real Hawaiian Rainbow!
In this first picture you can see the beach we went to yesterday, Queen's Pond, in the background:

Isn't the coastline beautiful?

Can you see what these are? Spinner Dolphins! They started following us. There were hundreds of them! It was very fun! Occasionally, one would jump into the air and spin for us!

Can you see the cave behind my nephew?

Here we are inside!

Finally! Snorkeling!!!

But where are the fish?

There's the fish!!!!

Here's me too!

Here's more fish!

When we get back, the first thing we do is head for the shaved ice!

Then it's back to grandma's house, where it started to rain. This is our first rain on Kauai! I guess you don't need an umbrella if you're wearing your swimsuit...

Then it's family night... with a little HanaFuda...

... and some Hawaiian "Go Fish!"...
"Do you have a Lauwiliwili nukunuku 'ol'ol?" LOL!

That's it! Except for some packing... we leave tomorrow at noon!


BethieJ said...

Joni what GREAT photos! Looks just BEAUTIFUL!! Hey if I hurry I can scrap my Kauai photos from 10 years ago with ya!! :)
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

Mary_Yontz said...

Loved ALL the photos! The coastline was beautiful! The one picture with Cheryl and amazing! Again, that is one place you would have to see IRL to really appreciate. Thanks for taking all the time to share these with us!

Becky said...

WOW!! Now I am mad that dh didn't take me with him last December! lol Your photos were so beautiful and it looks like you guys had a great time (despite the little mishaps!)