Friday, July 18, 2008

Oahu - Day 4

First some news. Cheryl didn't get her job, at least not yet. They want to wait until her schedule settles down. I was wondering how she was going to practice with the college team, work at a soccer camp, register for college, AND hold study job. They asked her to call back after school starts.

Oahu, Day 4 - July 7
Today we hit #1 on David's list... The Arizona Memorial. The concierge at the hotel told us that it gets very crowded, so go early. We arrived in Pearl Harbor at 7:15am (15 minutes before it opened), and were around 700th in line! That put us in Group 5. We walked through the exhibits before our Group met at 8:45. First they showed us a video. The video was very well done! "Enjoyed" is not the right word to use, but it was a great video. Then we boarded a boat that took us to the memorial.

Here are some photos at the memorial:

Visiting the memorial took all morning. After lunch, we arranged to rent a couple of jetskis. We left from the marina near Ala Moana Beach Park, took a van to the boat launch, then took a boat to the place to pickup the jetskis. The jetskis launch from a floating platform near Sand Island.

We took two jetskis one for Jim and me, and one for Cheryl and Chris. Jim drove ours the entire time. Cheryl and Chris took turns driving.

A couple of maniacs. Cheryl said she got the jetski up to 45mph.

Jim doing donuts.

On our way back to Honolulu.


Mara... said...

First of all...congrats on your long run! you are going to be so ready for your half!

And wonderful pics of Hawaii. The water is SO blue and the vegetation is SO green. Looks like a great trip, Joni!!

Mary_Yontz said...

Looks like another great day! I bet the memorial was very solumn at time. It is hard for me to view something where people have died. Thanks for sharing and I am already looking forward to tomorrow!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

the memorial is so beautiful. dh and i went 12 years ago...after we left japan and had been to hiroshima peace park. it's quite a contrast between the two memorials.