Monday, July 21, 2008

Kauai - Day 7

First an update on today...

Cheryl made dinner tonight! She chose the menu, the recipes, and did the marketing. She made stir-fry green beans, a teriyaki salad, and egg rolls. That's a lot of green for a girl that doesn't care for veggies. It tasted great, and was greatly appreciated!

Jim went in to see the doctor again about his hand. They put him in a thumb splint last week, and today told him to take it off for short periods to "exercise" his thumb. He goes in again next week.

Kauai, Day 7 - July 10
Didn't I say we were going to relax once we got to Kauai? LOL! We started with a trip to Glass Beach. The beach gets its name from all the sea glass that washes ashore here from an old rubbish dump adjacent to the beach. There isn't as much glass here as there used to be. I remember when you would have to dig down through 6" of glass before you could find the sand.

You can also find pieces of smoothed pottery; and just around the corner, in the tide pools, you can find old rusted engine parts.

Walking on the lava can be tricky, as my hubby found out... He stepped on a rock that rolled, and he skinned his arm, leg, and jammed his thumb. I took him to the emergency room for x-rays. It's not broken, just a bad sprain.

Well, since it's not broken, it's not holding us back... We only have a short time on Kauai, so we decided to skip the tourist stuff (waterfalls and overlooks). But after the emergency room, we went to Spouting Horn (for the shopping, hehehe!).

After Spouting Horn, we went on a hike to Hanapepe in search of Shaved Ice!

After we've had shaved ice, it's on to the Sunshine Market, which is where the local growers come to sell their goods.

Here is my niece explaining to my dad that when my mom told him to put the flowers in water, she meant for him to use a vase. Hahaha!

NO WE'RE NOT DONE! Next it's on to the Salt Pond beach for a swim!

Stopping by to say "Hi" to Uncle Martin:

Here's my husband on the beach taking it easy after his fall this morning.

After cleaning up from the beach, it's dinner at Grandma's house!

Say "Hi" to TJ!!!

That's our first full day on Kauai! And a full day it was! We also found out that Galaxy tied Chivas. We would have never lived it down if Chivas had won...


Mara... said...

Keep the great photos coming, Joni! I am vacationing on Hawaii vicariously through you!! The tidepools photos are gorgeous.

Mary_Yontz said...

Salt Pond Beach looks really cool! I bet you get sand in your shorts a lot there! hahaha Love all the photos! Poor Jim...I hope he is feeling better now!

mel said...

i love your blog kix so much too see and read!ss about dh getting hurt and LOVE ds new hair color he look handsome..and you look BEAUTIFUL.tfs