Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kauai - Day 9

Chris didn't make the cross country team... he still has one more try at it next week. He said he'll make it for sure next week. Good luck to him!

Kauai, Day 9 - July 12
Today is going to be a beach day. We planned to start at Barking Sands Beach (where the sand barks as you walk through it) and continue to PoliHale State Beach. Here were our directions to Barking Sands:
1) Take the main road, and turn before it dead ends into the Missile Base.
2) Take the first "Haul Cane" road.
3) Bear left at the Monkey Pod tree.
Uhmmm... Monkey Pod tree? Yep! There's a Monkey Pod tree!

After we get to the beach we need to walk about 1 mile down the beach to reach Barking Sands. BUT, we couldn't get there... the military had the beach closed because they were shooting off missiles that weekend. We did have some fun at Queen's Pond. See the island in the distance? That's Niihau (the Forbidden Island).

The kids discovered that rolling down the sand dunes is good fun!

Talk about sand everywhere!!! <

Sliding didn't work very well... the sand was way too soft.

Uhmmm... flying doesn't work either...

My brother in the mini-van, got stuck at one point and decided to turn back. Our rental car had all wheel drive, so we adventured on to PoliHale State Park. The people there call it the end of the world. This is it! The end of the road, the end of the beach, ... the end of the world...

After a trip to the end of the world, we must have shaved ice! Jo-Jo's 60 flavors!

Then it's lunch, back to Salt Pond Beach, and naps before... Bon Dance! We go for the food and the dancing.

I only danced a couple of songs. I get self-conscious when I don't know the dance... The kids don't mind. They just follow along. They danced the entire first set!

That's it for day 9! Only one more full day in Hawaii!

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Mary_Yontz said...

Chris can fly! You must be so proud! What a great time!