Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oahu - Day 3

Let's start with some soccer first. I got Jim tickets to the USA Women's vs Brazil game for Father's Day. That game was last night in San Diego. USA won 1-0, but the star forward, Abby Wambach, broke her leg. This was the last game before the team left for the Olympics in China. Now they need to go without Abby Wambach :o(

Oahu, Day 3 - July 6
It's a day of hiking. We planned on starting with #6 on David's list: Nu’uanu Pali Lookout. On the way to the lookout, we stopped at the MaunaWili Trail. It looked really pretty, so we took it a little ways (not the entire 9.3 miles!).

Isn't it pretty?

Next stop is Nu’uanu Pali Lookout! This spot overlooks the East side of the island (which is very green and beautiful). It is known for being very very windy, but wasn't too bad when we were there.

After a conversation about the Beatles in the car, an empty stretch of road led to an Abby Road photo op. LOL! It's not quite like England...

Our next stop was Punch Bowl Cemetery. Can you see the heart shaped shadow from the trees? There are two hearts, one on each side of the monument.

Our next destination was #5 on David's list... Tantlus Lookout. This is a quote from David's email: "Visiting this lookout shouldn't take too long unless you get lost, but if you get the right directions, its not hard to find the place, plus the drive up the mountain is beautiful." Guess what? We got lost. As we were driving around the Tantlus loop (in a clock-wise direction), we saw some cars parked along the North side of the road. We stopped, saw the hiking trail, and assumed it was the trail to Tantlus Lookout. We were wrong. The Pu'u Ohi'a trail does not lead to the Tantlus Lookout... But it was a very pretty hike:

The bamboo forest was very neat!

Can you see Diamond Head behind Cheryl?

Some people just have to do things the hard way...

Getting back in the car and driving completely around the Tantlus Loop, we found the overlook just before hitting the main road... BEAUTIFUL view of Honolulu:

Our last hike was #4 on David's list... the hike to the top of Diamond Head! After a whole bunch of switchbacks:


And Tunnels:

We came to this:

Even Jim thought it was worth the hike... just BEAUTIFUL!

Other than a well deserved dip in the ocean, that's it for Day 3!


Becky said...

WOW!! Beautiful photos! I can see why you still had a great time despite all the little mishaps. :)

Mary_Yontz said...

OK. When I read "Do you see Diamond Back" behind Cheryl, I kept scrolling up and looking for a snake in the picture of you two in the bamboo forest. LOL When I gave up looking for it and scrolled down...BAWM! Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't imagine even how it looks IRL. Pictures never do places justice. Thanks for doing this. It really is a pleasure watching your vacation unfold.