Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day weekend photos

Here are some fun photos of my hubby and my son that I took last weekend. It's not too often that my hubby gets out on the trampoline. But it was his last chance! It's a Memorial day tradition at my parents house that the trampoline comes down and the pool goes up on Memorial Day. With the 12 cousins, aunts, uncles and kids, it doesn't take long at all. The only factor that slows us down is that we don't have enough screw drivers to go around.

Yep! That's my son doing a flip... it scares the daylights out of me! I can just imagine him breaking his neck! 14yrs think they're invincible.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Design Team Contest at Daisy D's

Daisy D's had a contest only for Design Team members. I didn't win {sigh}... Hahaha! Like I had a chance... NOT! Here are the layouts that I entered. They use all Daisy D Paper and embellishments.

There are some seriously talented Design Team members out there. Here is the link to all the layouts submitted:

Here is the link to the winning layout:

Monday, May 28, 2007

My First June Kit Layout

I finally finished my first Design Team layout using the June kit from 2SCD. I had to go back quite a few years for this photo! I turned it black and white but left the pillow (the topic of this layout) and my daughter's scrunchy colored. I created the flower transparency doodling with blue acrylic paint on a flower pattern. Everything else is from the June kit except for the blue Bazzill bloom and the black fabric ric-rac.

This pillow was given to my daughter as a baby with a stuffed bear. She discarded the bear, and the pillow became her "Special." She lost pillow on a 6th grade overnight field trip to Catalina Island (that's one of the Channel Islands off the coast of California). If anyone has ever had a child lose a "special," you know what we went through!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Go Galaxy!!!

Here is my photo from Mother's Day weekend at the Galaxy game.

We had a great time even though they lost 2-3 to the New England Revolution.

Actually, they haven't won a game for the last three games!

Maybe that'll turn around when David Beckham arrives from Real Madrid this summer... hopefully it won't be too late for the Galaxy!

May kit at 2SCD - Hambly!!!

The May scrapbook kit at 2ScrappyChixDesigns featured paper and other goodies from Hambly Designs.

This kit was just gorgeous... and smelled nice too! That because Hambly uses vanilla scented ink.

Each of the design team members created several layouts and one altered item to highlight the kit. There are still more kits left in the 2SCD store. No one else has a kit like this!

Here are the layouts that I created using the kit:

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Blogging!!!

Okay, so there's not much of interest here yet. I've been looking around at the stuff and I'm impressed. There is enough here to keep a computer geek like me interested. I see some photo albums and slide shows that I can add... I want to add some links to my favorite sites and my favorite people. This could be majorly FUN!

The only problem I have is that I have nothing of much interest to say, at least not today. Let's see, I ran four miles.... on a treadmill though, not enough time to get to my favorite beach spot since I had to work today.

Oh! Here's a picture of where I work. My title is Principal Software Engineer. When I was an employee, I had a huge office with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mountains. Now that I'm a contractor, I have a desk in line of desks in a big window-less bullpen. That's okay though, since I'm only there 4 days/week.

That's the job that I have to do... The job I love to do is being on the first Design Team at! The owner, Julie sends us a free kit every month to play with. Can you believe it? I get to play for free! I'll post some layouts when I have time to figure out how to get the slideshow thing added to my blog.

Thanks for dropping by!