Thursday, September 27, 2007

So sad...

My son's cross country meet yesterday was traumatic. A girl died.,1,3560875.story?track=rss

She's the same age as my son, and ran the race right after his. He said that she was throwing up blood and died before the ambulance took her to the hospital. I'm talking to my son (what would you say to your child if he just saw someone die?), and the coaches are talking to the team. He seems to be dealing with it okay. It's a terrible thing to have happened. I can't imagine how much pain her family, her coaches, and her teammates are going through right now...
It's a scary thought to think that one of your family memebers may leave the house on a typical morning, and not return home. I just got this image in an email from my dad. It makes me want to hold my family in a hug and not let them go:

Amber's Blog Challenge

What fall premiere are you looking forward to the most???

The only show I watch is Dancing with a Stars. I didn't realize it started this week, so I missed the dances. I saw the judging show... WOW, is Dolly Parton skinny!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scrapping the Music - These are My People

Here is my layout inspired by Scrapping the Music song of the week, "These are My People" by Rodney Atkins. This is a hybrid layout. The PP is from the FreeForm Cosmo Collection. The diecuts are from Quickutz and the flower is from Prima.

Journaling reads: These are my friends and teammates. We have been together for over 4 yrs. And have something big in common; we all LOVE soccer! We are tough ladies... not a single girly-girl in the bunch! We all play hard, get dirty, and have fun whether we win or lose. Of course, it’s always better to win! On or off the field, they are the best bunch of friends anyone could ever have. They are my team... the people I play with, the people I hang out with, and the people, with whom, I celebrate the victories of the day!

Song Lyrics used: We fall Down and We get up; We walk proud and We talk tough...We got heart and We got nerve; Even If we are a bit disturbed...

Another new layout using the Scribble Scrabble August kit from 2SCD:

I just love the colors and patterns in this paper line!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kim's blog challenge at 2SCD

My taste in art runs toward the whimsical beach/ocean prints like: Roaslie Prussing, Arnold Fields, and Ruiz Munoz.

My decorating colors follow that theme also, blues for the ocean and the sky, and brown/tans for the sand... accented with colors of orange and green.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Scrapping the Music - Say it Right

This weeks song is "Say it Right" by by Nelly Furtado. I was honored to be picked as the featured scrapper for the week. Here is my layout:

I tried to capture the passion from the song in my layout by using the trendy colors, then I added the black to make it all sparkle. The beautiful patterned paper is from My Mind's Eye. The border around the photo is a digital element that I added before I printed it. It's called "Ledger Overlay" from Kate Pertiet.

See more great layouts and inspiration at :

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Scrapping the Music - Like a Star

Checkout this great new blog!

The is such a fun idea! Here is the layout that I created for their first challenge. I used the Scribble Scrabble August kit from the 2ScrappyChix Designs store. There was a lot of junk in the background of my photo. I could have used my photo editor to edit it out, but I did it the old fashioned way... cut it out with scissors!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Book Review - Sea of Monsters, Small Steps, Maximum Ride #3

Whoa! Call me slow... I just got it! Riordan's "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series is a take off on Harry Potter! In the second book of the series, "The Sea of Monsters," Percy and the half blood Olympians must save the camp (instead of wizard kids saving their school), by recovering the Golden Fleece from the Cyclops Polyphemus. We find out in this book about Percy being the child mentioned in "the Prophesy." Also there is an evil titan spirit, whose henchmen are trying to create a new body for him so he can take over Olympus and the world. But add dodgeball playing cannibals, a satyr in a wedding dress, and partying-animal centaurs; and even with the similarities to Harry Potter you have a very entertaining story for 5th-6th graders! I very highly recommend this series.

This sequel to "Holes" features Armpit's and X-ray's life after Camp Greenlake. When I think of "Holes," I think of it's story as a tall-tale... Fun and magical. "Small Steps" is a story with social implications... growing up, triumph of the human spirit, of self-sacrifice, and of doing the right thing. It is very sweet and as long as you don't go in thinking that it will be "like Holes," it's a very enjoyable read.

Well, Max finally saves the world, kind of... I almost didn't read this book, because book 2 irritated me so much. I was irritated at the start of this book also, but I read the ending first, and that kept me going. LOL! Good thing I did, because I would have put this one down... the flock fighting and splitting up, Sight-seeing Europe, googling girls on the beach! Hello! You're supposed to be saving the world!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Amber's blog challenge at 2SCD

Share a SUMMER goal that you never got around to accomplishing.

Only one? LOL!
1) Paint the house
2) Find the kids a new dentist
3) Teach my son Spanish
4) Have my kitchen remodeled
5) Visit Niagra Falls (and Mary)
6) Run the 10K through Disneyland
7) Go parasailing
8) Clean out the bedroom
9) Get the carpets cleaned

Monday, September 3, 2007

Sweet Dog

M - mutt
I - immovable
L - lovable
K - kooky
B - beautiful
O - obedient (NOT!)
N - needy
E - energetic
S - spoiled

This is from a blogging challenge at 2SCD. The challenge is to use the letters in a sweet word to describe a family member... Well Kayle thinks she a person in the family and she also thinks milkbones are pretty sweet. LOL!

Relaxation Tip

I find that the best way to relax is to escape into a good book! If it's warm, I like reading outside in the shade. If it's cool, I like reading inside wrapped in a blanket.