Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Sports Report

No cross country this week... well, actually there was a BIG meet at Mt. Sac. But, the invitational got too big and Mt. Sac cut all the JV races. Since Chris is on JV, there was no racing for him, but he still needed to get up at 4:30am to catch the bus and cheer on the team.

Uhm... two more losses for the Gauchos. An example of just how bad this team is: Cheryl was playing center defender, she got between the ball and the other team's striker and was ready to kick it out. BUT her keeper called for the ball... Cheryl expected her to pick the ball up, but she came out and tried to kick it. She ended up missing the ball and kicking Cheryl in the leg... the ball rolled past the keeper and into the net. Cheryl has a big bruise on her hip flexor.

Quakes win again! They played the second place team last weekend... looks like they will sweep the entire league!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

PTI October Blog Hop

Welcome Blog Hoppers! Time has just flown by... I can't believe the last time I joined the PTI blog hop was in June! It's totally unbelievable because I love PTI stamps, paper, and all the other great goodies that go along with them.

Today I want to share a matchbook card that I made using PTI Rustic Snowflake paper. I fell in love with the soft, rich colors! Just beautiful!

The large snowman stamp is from Provo Craft. The inside sentiment is "holly jolly Christmas," which is from the Holiday Button Bits stamp set.

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy the rest of the blog hop!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Crafty Friday!

YAHOO!!! It's Friday! I'm soooo happy! It's been a really busy week... Well, as promised today, I have FIVE crafty projects to share! I created them, inspired by the crop at Color Me Daisy. Here they are! Starting first with a couple layouts.

This first layout is from last spring at the flower fields. Doesn't that photo make a perfect layout?

Chris dresses up for school on Fridays. They call it Fancy Friday. He was in such a great mood when he got his first tie, that he even posed for me, hehehe!

I'm an owl hater... stupid owls! But I ended up using an owl stamp on Chris's layout and on this cute card. I can't believe I had more than one owl stamp.

This week I got into making flowers. This cute flower is made of gathered ribbon.

I decorated this little pillow box with a paper flower. My mom won a paper flower book from the craft fair a couple weeks ago and gave it to me. The flowers in the book were so amazing that I just had to try it.

Here's a close up. I'm really happy with how it came out, but it's not as nice as the ones in the book.

That's it for this Friday... don't be expecting five crafty items every Friday. As much as I would like to, it won't be happening. {sigh}

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly Sports Report

Does Chris look like he just played a football game or ran a cross country race? The answer is the latter... He hit himself in the mouth with a water bottle right before the race started. This is the same tooth that he broke when he was about 8yrs old. The dentist glued it back together, and it’s held for all these years. He had a root canal done on the same tooth last year. We were told then that it would weaken the structure and he would have to have it capped eventually... well, not yet... the dentist wants to wait until he's 18yrs, so he glued it back in again. As for the race, even with the distraction of his missing tooth, he came in 6th for JV, just one position back from scoring… so he’s getting BETTER!

The Gauchos WON A GAME on Tuesday! It’s AMAZING, especially since there are only 11 girls on the team who are not red or gray shirted. I just learned that red shirted means injured for the season and gray shirted is injured with a chance of playing again. They lost again on Friday, but that’s not unexpected against 1st place Santiago Canyon. Cheryl said she had to play center defender and that she was amazing! Parents, trainers, and the coach’s mother seeked her out to tell her what a GREAT job she did.

Quakes win again! They were scored on again, so that makes two goals against them (a wet ball slipped between the goalie’s legs). BUT the Quakes are still undefeated! The head coach is going in for knee surgery soon and that will put Cheryl in the head coach position. Hopefully Coach Cheryl can keep up the undefeated streak!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday 5!

Welcome Friday! I had Monday off (Columbus Day), but it still felt like a full, long week. I was going to share five crafty projects, but I don't have five... (only two done so far). So instead, I'm going to share my five most favorite places to shop. I go to these places to browse even if I don't need (or plan to buy) anything.

The very tip/top of my list is Amazon! They have everything. I usually browse for books. I can get lost in reading reviews and following lists of recommended reading.

My favorite clothes shop is GAP! I also shop Old Navy, but I love to shop GAP when I can afford it. GAP clothes/pants fit me perfectly!

How much running stuff does a person need? Not much... LOL! I have enough clothes so I can go the entire week without having to wash, and I always buy the same shoes... BUT, I still love to browse the high-tech running stuff.

Well, hey, a girl's gotta have fun... {grin}

When I have time I like to checkout the magazines, patterns, and scrapbook stuff. If I find myself with a free lunch hour, I'll spend it at Joann's. There's a superstore only two miles from work. It's a great way to relax for an hour.

That's it for this week... next week I promise, crafty stuff!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekly Sports Report

It's raining is pouring...
We are having our first rain of the season. It's not cold, but it's pouring. I am sooooo GLAD that I only work 6 miles from home. The freeway is going to be a major MESS tonight!

Speaking of a mess... Cheryl is playing tonight. I just hope that they are wearing the cardinal uniform today and not the WHITE! The Gauchos had a buy last Tuesday and finished with another loss on Friday. Cheryl said that they started well... they scored first and were ahead for the FIRST time this season. That didn't last very long because a Gaucho defender scored an own goal and tied up the game. Riverside scored one more giving the Gauchos another loss.

This sounds like a broken record... Gauchos lose and Quakes win... TWO more wins for the Quakes. Half the season is over and the Quakes are undefeated with only one goal against them. Now they have to play all the teams one more time and the season will be over. They are looking really good for moving up to Silver next year!

Chris is ran his first JV race last week. The first 4 runners that finished for his team were Seniors, followed by Ricky. Chris ended up in a non-scoring position. He was sick last week and ended up having to sprint straight from the finish line to the port-o-potties. He's sure that he'll do better this weekend at the OC Champs now that he's feeling better.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Sports Report

No Cross Country for Chris this week. The first official XC meet of the season is this Thursday at Aliso Niguel High School!

The Gauchos lost one and tied one game this week! You'd think that they'd feel good about a tie, but the team that they tied had to forfit their last two games because of injuries. So, in the standings the Gauchos are tied point-wise with a team who forfitted twice... and because Cheryl's team has more goals scored against it (as a result of having played two more games than Irvine Valley), that puts the poor Saddleback Gauchos in last place.

Check this out!!! The Saddleback Quakes are in 1st place! Two more wins this weekend for the Quakes!

As a result of their win last Friday against Chicago Fire and Chivas defeating DC United, Galaxy has locked up a spot in the MLS playoffs. The last time they made the playoffs was three years ago. Unfortunately, we will be watching the playoffs on TV... Our season tickets don't cover playoff games...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Happy Friday! YAHOO!!! I'm in the mood for a great weekend! No plans other than the normal soccer stuff. We are in home improvement mode! We spent most of last weekend cleaning up Chris's room. We rearranged the furniture and cleaned out all the "kid stuff." {sniff} My little guy is getting so BIG!

Our other project this week is that we are finally having the house PAINTED! Here is the before photo.
And here is the after... we went from one shade of gray to three colors: white, sandstone, and baked potato. I like it. A couple ladies on the street emailed me while I was at work to tell me how the painting was progressing. They like it too!

Here's Kayle... you can see how she was helping the painters. She's still wearing her streak of sandstone. LOL!

Twenty six miles across the sea...
Santa Catalina is a-waiting for me...

We are going to do it! The Catalina Island Buffalo Run! I put our reservations in this week. Chris is running the half-marathon, and Cheryl and I are running the 5K.
Why do they call it the Buffalo Run? Because there are bison on Catalina. In 1924, 14 buffalo were turned loose on Catalina island for use in filming the motion picture, "The Vanishing American." The herd is still there. I've seen them in person when we sailed to Two Harbors (years ago). The bison came right into town!

That's it for this week... I hope you all have a great weekend!